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Diving Koh Chang, Thailand Featured

Ko Chang Marine Park offers some of the best scuba diving sites in this region

Scuba Diving Koh Chang


Koh Chang Marine Park offers some of the best scuba diving sites in this region. Most of the diving is done off the boats as the sea on the beaches are shallow and only great for swimming. The visibility at some of these dive sites is very unpredictable. You could be diving at one site with a visibility of 6 metres and another just 10 minutes away and you will have a visibility of 15 metres. Among the marine life that you will be able to see are the bamboo sharks, octopus, sea turtles and the other usual fishes. Whale sharks are known to be seen between March and April.

Scuba Diving in Koh Chang is essentially broken into two main dive locations: Koh Chang (local) or Koh Rang (The National Park).

The first location has three main dive sites and each of these dive sites are roughly about a half hour boat ride from the south of Koh Chang the known dive sites are Hin Raap and Hin Lukh Baht. Hin Raap is a twenty metre long bare piece of rock which breaks the surface. The depth here is usually between five metres to sixteen metres with a similar visibility range. A large base of stag horn coral and barrel sponges along with other corals may be found here.



The second location is Koh Rang which is an hour and a half boat ride. The most visible difference between the two locations is that the local sites are in open sea and support larger fishes but lack richer reefs whilst Koh Rang sites have more corals and reefs. The are several dive sites here in Koh Rang such as Koh Yak and Koh Lon which are two separate sites spilt by a large mass of water and here you may be able to find Clownfish, Moray Eels and Bat fish among other marine life. The other sites are the Hin Gaduang also known as The Pinnacles which consists of two large rock pillars, and the Hin Guak Ma which has a healthier reef. In The Pinnacles, you may be able to sight large schools of Barrucuda, Crown of Thorn Starfish and if you’re lucky, Sand Rays and Lion Fish. In Hin Guak Ma you can sight Yellow tail Barracudas’ and a spectacular patch of soft yellow corral.

Koh Chang is the largest island in the Koh Chang Marine Park archipelago and the second largest island in Thailand. It is located 310 km of the east coast of Thailand away from Bangkok. Koh Chang means Elephant Island and it got its name because the island is known to shape like an elephant.

This island is known for its waterfalls, corals and rainforests. The main attractions here are the sandy beaches and untouched natural beauty. Other activities that can be done there are kayaking, elephant trekking and island hopping. To get here you may take a flight from Bankok to Trat airport which is a 10 minute bus ride from the ferry terminals in Laem Ngop. Once in the island there are pick up trucks and taxis which roughly cost about 30 to 70 bath per person. Most dive schools here also provide free transportation. The best times to visit would be between March & April and October and November. There are dozens of places for accommodation with prices to suit your budget.

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