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Breath your way to a better dive

BREATHE! Concentrate on your breathing, control each breath – was the first thing my diving instructor said many years ago.

stillness, relaxation and altered states of consciousness. You begin to notice the slightest change in your breathing pattern which alters your buoyancy, this shows the importance of knowing how to breathe correctly in the water. It’s fascinating!

Why is breathing important?

Scuba divers notice significant improvements on their respiratory function and breathing capacity.  We know how long one tank can support you underwater depends on the rate of air consumption. With proper breathing control, your air consumption will be more efficient and you will notice the effect on air consumption. 

Here’s a tip; if you are considering diving for the first time – then use the breathing approach to make the experience more meditative. Before each dive, you can spend a few minutes taking slow deliberate breaths and concentrate on your breathing. This has an immediate calming effect after the exertion of gearing up and sets you up for a relaxed and pleasurable dive.

Practise your breathing

There are various breathing techniques, two of the simplest ones are Pranayama and Ujjayi (referred to as oceanic breathes) and has excellent benefits for scuba divers.

Pranayama is control of breath. You breathe fully and deeply through your nose, filling your lungs with oxygen and breath out through your nose. This breathing practice encourages a calm and composed mind, especially when you are diving. Pranayama is a powerful tool to help you concentrate and experience timelessness which can only enhance your diving experience.

Ujjayi is performed through the nose with inhalations and exhalations of equal length - you pull slow, steady breaths, fully filling and emptying your lungs… breathe in, breathe out.  The breath constriction creates an ocean wave like sound. 


Last modified onSaturday, 29 April 2017 21:39
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